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Agent: Client Registration

Use the quick links to get started on the registration process. If you need further details, explore our how to register guide below.

Quick Registration Links

Register and pay for courses

Click the Register Now link to enter the UCCE registration system. Select the appropriate courses, fill out application and homestay forms and provide payment.

Register Now

Complete Agent Registration Form

After registering and paying, please complete the Agent registration form.

Download Form

Complete Authorization Form

After registering and paying, if your student is new, please complete the Authorization of Representative form.

Download Form

Send your Agent/Authorization Forms

Email your completed forms to to complete the registration process.

Submit Agent forms

Agent Information   |   Agent Client Registration

How to Register

The following six steps describe the details of how to register your clients in the English Language Program

  1. Go to the ELP registration system 

    Click the Register Now link to enter the ELP registration system

  2. Select your courses and programs

    Choose the section with the appropriate date and delivery format and click the Add to cart button. 

  3. If you want more than one course, click keep shopping

    To select additional courses, return to the previous tab or click the View All ESL Programs button. 

  4. When you are done, click checkout

    Please do not use the back button on your browser or your registration will be cancelled

Create a new user or login as an existing user.


  1. New Students

    Select New User and enter the student's email address. 

    Please be sure to write the student's last name (family name) and first name (given name) as it appears on their passport.

    Select your agency from the "For International Student Agency Use Only" section of the profile, but please do not click "Copy Address" button. ONLY student’s personal information is required in their profiles.

  2. Returning Students

    Students who have previously attended UCalgary should login using their UCID number and password.

Once logged in you will be prompted to complete an ESL Application and, if necessary, a Homestay Student Application.

  1. ESL Application

    The $200 non-refundable ESL application will be added to your cart.

    Please agree to the terms and submit the application. 

  2. Homestay Student Application

    If you have selected a Homestay Course, you will also be asked to complete the ESL Homestay Application.

    Complete each page of the application and click Next Page.

    Note: Students who wish to stay in Homestay between programs will be charged extra fees based on daily/weekly rates.

  3. Continue with Registration

    Click Continue with Registration to move to the checkout.

The University of Calgary English Program (ELP) has two methods of agent remuneration: Gross Payment (Agent pays full tuition and invoices ELP for commission) and Net Payment (Agent collects full tuition and pays ELP less commission)

For further details veiw the payment options page in our agent package

Students will be registered and a letter of acceptance will be sent only after we have received the necessary fees. All fees are payable in CANADIAN dollars. 

When checking out choose one of the following payment options:

  1. Option 1: Credit Card Payment

    Select Credit Card to pay standard tuition by Visa, MasterCard, or American Express online. If paying the agent rate, do not use this option. 

  2. Option 2: All Other Methods

    Select Pay by another payment method and choose Agent Invoice. This option includes all deposits, all non-credit card payments, and agent reduced tuition credit card payments. Send agent registration form indicating the method of payment.


  1. Agent Registration Form

    Complete the Agent Registration Form that can be found in our agent package

    Please be sure to indicate your method of payment.

  2. Authorization of Representative form

    Complete the Authorization of Representative that can be found in our agent package. (New student registration only)

  3. Email Agent forms

    Send Agent forms to