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Our programs are for students at all skill levels, and are designed to help you reach your English language learning goals.

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All of our programs include the following, and more...

Course Materials

Textbooks and handouts.

Public Transit Access

Public train and bus pass for courses 8 weeks or longer.*
* Coverage starts from May 1 for Spring terms.

Health Insurance

Emergency health insurance for international students.

Social Events

Organized social events for students.

Recreation Facilities

Use of recreational facilities on campus.


Access to the campus library.

Free WiFi

Wifi access on campus.


Access to campus computers.

View the chart below to see which programs fit your needs. 


ESL 100

Semester Program

EAP 200

Academic Communication

ESL 101

Intensive Program

ESL 101

Intensive Program

ESL 111

Language & Culture

Tuition $4,325 $4,775 $1,850 $1,750 $950
Duration 13 weeks 13 weeks 5 weeks 4 weeks 2 weeks
Course Type
General English      
Communication Focus    
Academic Focus      
Pre-semester Preparation        
High Beginner  
Low Intermediate  
High Intermediate  
Upper Advanced      
Advanced Academic      

Experience Excellence

You can expect the highest standards from the English Language Program.

High quality instruction

All of our instructors hold university degrees in Education, Linguistics, or Languages.

World-class university facilities

Our students have access to the university library, sports facilities and the student centre.

Motivated students from all over the world

Study with motivated and hardworking students from all over the world.

Small class size

Our classes have an average of 16 students.

Accurate level placement through testing

A thorough two-stage proficiency test ensures accurate level placement.

Experienced and friendly student service team

Experienced and friendly staff members provide you with information and support.